Petalz is a Facebook game with a novel twist: an endless variety of content that you can discover yourself.  In particular, the way you discover new content in Petalz is by breeding flowers.  When you pollinate a flower in Petalz, the offspring is slightly different from its parent.  That way, you can actually breed flowers to look how you want over many generations, just like a real breeder.  In fact, you can even cross-pollinate flowers to discover novel hybrid species unlike anything anyone has seen before!

Adding to the fun, because Petalz is a social game you can share your creations with your Facebook friends.  Simply add them as a neighbor and they can visit your balcony (where you can arrange your flowers however you like) and even water your flowers for you.  Of course, you can visit your friends’ balconies as well.  You can even sell your unique seeds to other players through a marketplace that everyone playing the game can see, allowing new lineages to spread throughout the world.

Petalz is a social game for players with a taste for discovery.  The patent-pending artificial flower DNA behind the game (developed by artificial intelligence researchers) means that the possibilities are literally endless, and the Facebook platform lets you share your discoveries with your friends.  We hope to see your balcony at Petalz online soon, and don’t forget to Mr. Flower’s balcony when you’re there!

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Lead Artist: Ashlee Hynes

All Petalz game sounds taken from

City sound courtesy of ERH
Bees sample courtesy of digifishmusic
Water trickel sample courtesy of Corsica_S
Sitting in the park sample courtesy of inchadney
Cork sample courtesy of Traveler
Chimes sample courtesy of BristolStories
Object falls sample courtesy of FreqMan
Till With Bell sample courtesy of Benboncan
Click fast sample courtesy of Qat
Fanfare sound courtesy of primordiality
Slide whistle courtesy of joedeshon
See sound courtesy of digifishmusic
Glockenspiel sound courtesy of cfork